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For more than 33 years USSA has successfully secured advantageous ocean shipping contracts for its members throughout many business cycles. USSA provides members with an electronic contract management platform for ocean freight which shows both detailed itemized charges and bottom line freight spending.


USSA affords members with market leading ocean freight rates and services by combining member shipping volume. The Association provides up to date information on trends of global economics and the impact on ocean shipping.

Operating Committee

Each member assigns one or more representatives to the USSA Operating Committee, which provides direction to staff and assists staff in implementing USSA strategy.

Key Staff

Beverly Altimore, President and Executive Director. Provides general operating guidance and is primary contact with ocean carriers, key vendors, industry leaders, and government agencies.
Tom Johnson, Support Manager.  Handles day-to-day operations, invoicing, approving contract amendments, and resolving Member issues with carriers.
Bruce Williams, IT Lead. Responsible for all data analysis and information management for USSA.

Board of Directors

Is comprised of one Management-level representative from each equity member. The Board of Directors provides strategic direction to the Association.

Anti-trust Due Diligence

Export Trade Certificate #85-18A018, issued jointly by the U.S Departments of Commerce and Justice, and reviewed annually, along with legal letters of review covering the E.U., Asia, and Central and South America, ensure compliance with anti-trust regulations worldwide.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to securing a balance of competitive ocean freight rates and reliable service for our Members through leveraged volume and collaborative market knowledge.  We provide the latest technology which enables efficient processes to handle container freight.


  • People:  Take advantage of the collective skills and experience of USSA Staff and its Members.  Defined roles and responsibilities for Staff, Operating Committee, and Board drive an effective USSA.
  • Processes:
    • Dynamic sourcing strategy that responds to market fluctuations
    • Contract data that is readily available and accurate
    • Enhanced data analysis and management reporting
    • Market intelligence and industry trends are shared across the organization
    • Carrier performance metrics and support for systemic issue resolution
  • Technology: Best practices in rate management, bidding, metrics, and analytics are supported by state-of-the-art systems.
  • Growth: Fully leverage current membership volumes for export, import, and cross-trade.
  • Responsiveness – The hallmark of USSA Staff.

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Transportation Procurement, Contract Management, and Ocean Shipment Visibility available to all USSA members

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