Contract Management Technology

GT Nexus is contract management technology that empowers ocean shippers to evaluate optimally and proactively to control their multimillion-dollar transportation spend through a collaborative portal that centralizes, standardizes, and integrates processes for procuring, allocating and managing global transportation services. Managing the entire freight contracting process is complex, involving dozens of providers, hundreds to thousands of locations, non-standard agreements and highly manual processes. While attention is given to key lanes, the inability to evaluate all lanes leaves significant money on the table. Rates quickly get out of sync after contract award, affecting provider selection and auditing. It’s no surprise that most shippers find themselves reactive when it comes to procuring, awarding, and managing freight contracts.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize bid and contract management across transportation providers
  • Optimize freight spend and cargo allocation in compliance with business objectives
  • Guide daily provider selection based on rates, service, and provider commitments
  • Reduce freight over-charges by auditing against accurate rates
  • Gain top-down control by tracking provider performance and compliance



  • Request and compare thousands of complex service offerings and rates across ocean and air partners, using a standard format and process
  • Create optimized freight allocation plans that consider supply, price and service
  • Manage transportation service contracts —controlled global access to rates, surcharges, and contract changes
  • Control global access for comparing transit time, routing, and cost prior to booking
  • Audit actual freight charges against accurate and fully calculated rates

GT Nexus

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Transportation Procurement, Contract Management, and Ocean Shipment Visibility available to all USSA members

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