The right Shipping Association

Aggregate member volumes are substantially higher than any one member could provide on their own yielding better rates, better service and greater attention to customer needs by carriers for all members. Benchmarking proves that Members save 15%-20% on ocean spend over non-Member rates.

Reduced shipping cost 

Aggregate volumes equal aggregate commitments, reducing the risk on any individual member.

State of the art contract management technology

USSA contracts are managed using GTNEXUS’ Contract Management system. This leading edge platform provides members with contract rates and shipment data timely and effectively.

Greater industry knowledge

USSA utilizes the combined expertise of members and staff to optimize logistics solutions and costs for ocean transportation.

Shipping container options

USSA is member-owned and operated. Logistics personnel retain control of shipments, while being freed from tedious contract negotiations and maintenance.

More Contract choices

USSA maintains long-term contract relationships with a wide variety of Carriers to ensure full coverage and support worldwide.

Broader negotiating skills

Members contribute a varied spectrum of negotiating skills and perspectives which are of significant value to all.

Low volume trade lanes support

Any individual member with low volume in a trade lane can benefit from the greater volume afforded by the USSA as a whole.

Export Trading Certificate protection

The USSA operates under a Certificate of Review issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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Transportation Procurement, Contract Management, and Ocean Shipment Visibility available to all USSA members

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