Finding The Right Partner for Ocean Shipping Contracts

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If you need to ship goods to remote locations, you need to know which ocean carriers  are most trustworthy.

How to choose the right ocean carrier:

  • If you are shipping a large amount of goods per shipping, you need to make sure that the carrier of your choice is capable of handling your.
  • Make sure that the carrier can handle the type of goods you need to ship – containers, breakbulk, hazard goods, over-sized pieces, heavy pieces, bulk – as this might require specialized equipment and knowledge.
  • Ensure that the carrier has large network of international ports at which goods can be delivered and established local offices at delivery port.
  • Freight rates are important, so be sure to shop available carriers, as the pricing can very substantially between carriers.  Be leery of a carrier that offers rates significantly below the norm for that trade lane.
  • That being said, freight rate should never be your sole concern when choosing a carrier. Stability, frequency, transit time, and ‘free days’ should all be considered a part of the rate package.
  • It is very important to make sure that your nominated carrier financially strong.
  • Make sure that the communication level is strong. A good carrier will have individuals to assist shippers in multiple languages.
  • When searching for a carrier, you need to make sure that their turnaround time for inquiries is short, thus eliminating any unnecessary delays.

Choose USSA as your international shipping company

At USSA, we provide our shippers with excellent service and can give you one place to view ocean shipping rates online. Our ocean freight rates are very affordable as we offer a great electronic contract management system, making it easy for you to manage your shipping business with USSA.

Should you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us today and one of our consultants will assist you in getting the best contract for all your shipping needs! If you need to ship goods to remote locations, you need to stay informed of which ocean shipping companies are most trustworthy.

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