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Shipping container options made simpler by shipping associations

Whether you are a member of a shipping association or not, you will need to consider your options in terms of container loads. If you’re shipping large or small volumes / consignments, you’re going to need to consider what sort of shipping container you will need. While shipping containers come in various sizes, they come with various price tags attached too. When you choose to ship a consignment, you will need to decide whether you will hire / buy the entire container purely for the shipment of your own goods or if you are willing to share the space with another client. If you don’t know the other party involved, there are certainly some risks involved and as a result it is often not the most viable options for some clients. Those who are members of shipping associations might find such a solution more viable, as the shared space will be with specifically approved members, and the shipment can be managed and monitored by the association and state of the art technology.

At USSA, members are only accepted if they are voted and approved of by two thirds of the existing USSA members. This keeps the association exclusive and helps with contract / container management and control.

Shipping container prices can immediately be reduced for shipping association members as a result of the sheer volumes being shipped. In fact, most members experience between 15% and 20% saving on their shipping costs by simply being members of our association.

Of course it’s not just being a member of USSA shipping association that can help you to get the best shipping container prices. A large part depends on which carriers are used and at USSA we carefully select only the finest ocean carriers to work with, for your benefit. At USSA our shipping associations team up with only the best which includes the likes of MOL, Hapag-Lloyd Container Line, Hanjin Shipping, USL and Maersk Sealand.

Save on shipping container prices and shipments with USSA

If you would like to save on shipping container prices and shipments, consider applying to be a member of USSA shipping association. You must meet with certain requirements in order to become a member. If you would like to discuss the potential of becoming of a USSA member or learn more about how shipping associations can help you to save on shipping costs, simply contact us via email or telephone at USSA today.


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