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Are you a member of the right shipper association yet? If you are looking for shipping associations with specific interests in global trade, you’ve come to just the right place. At USSA we consider ourselves a leading US shipping association and offer our clients over 25 years of expertise securing ocean shipping contracts for our clients. As far as shipping associations go, we have certainly earned ourselves a great reputation on the market and as such, we are able to offer our clients a wealth of benefits. When choosing USSA as your shipping association of choice, you can expect us to be able to negotiate great volumes for you, offer you a broad scope of industry knowledge and advice, provide you with a whole host of contracts to choose from and help you to reduce the risk you face by committing to contracts. Another great benefit is that we can assist you with export trading certification protection.

Shipping associations in general should also be able to offer you the best contract management technology to ensure that you can stay on top of your shipping responsibilities.
One of the important aspects of a shipping association that’s considered a leader in the industry is who they choose to be their carriers. The carriers used can make all the difference to how a consignment is treated and whether it arrives on time or not. At USSA our chosen carriers are MOL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hanjin Shipping, USL and Maersk Sealand.
Why use a shipping association of USSA’s calibre? We ensure that the members of our association are provided with exceptionally low fees as a result of our shipping volume capacities and of course, our contacts in the industry. We keep our finger on the pulse of all things regarding global economics and what sort of impact that can have on ocean shipping.

Shipper Associations that care for the Needs of their Members

What sets us apart from other US shipper associations? At USSA we take the needs of our members very seriously. Every business decision as well as our network of service providers are designed for the benefit of our members. Find out more about becoming a member of USSA shipper association and discover how we can benefit you and your business. Contact us via email or telephone us at USSA today.


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