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Do you work with a shipping association to manage your shipment contracts or do you manage them yourself? In order to transport a consignment from A to B, a shipment contract must be set in place between yourself and the carrier. By definition, a shipment contract is a contract of sale in which the seller is responsible for any risk such as loss or damage until the consignment has arrived at its destination.

Of course these types of contracts place a great deal of stress on sellers of goods that are being shipped via ocean freight. As such, it’s best to have a good relationship and agreement in place with your chosen carriers. Being a member of a shipping association can certainly help with this. It also helps if you have a broad number of contracts to choose from and with USSA that’s just one of the benefits that we offer our clients. With more contract choices made possible by our well-maintained, long-term contract relationships with a variety of carriers, you have more options to choose from. With our extensive carrier network, we are able to provide you with full coverage and global support while keeping the risks often associated with shipping minimal.

Contract commitment risk is definitely something that you will worry about when shipping goods. Members of the USSA shipping association will benefit from good aggregate volumes and consequential aggregate commitments. What does this mean for our members? It means that each individual member takes on a reduced level of risk and that’s great for business.

Worried about managing your shipment contract? Don’t be! At USSA we offer state-of-the-art contract management technology in the form of the GTNEXUS system. All of the USSA contracts are managed with this system which provides detailed information on shipments and specific contract rates quickly and without error.

Have your shipment contract managed by USSA

If you’re looking for shipping contracts that are beneficial to your business and want to speak to one of our consultants about how being a member of our shipping association can benefit you in terms of more contracts and reduced risk, please contact us via email or telephone at USSA today.


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