How To Reduce Shipping Costs

How to reduce shipping costs

Some would say that choosing the right carrier is the best way to ensure that you reduce your shipping costs, but that’s not always true. Unless you are shipping large volumes on an ongoing basis, you might not benefit from such a plan. The best way to reduce shipping costs is to become a member of a shipping association such as USSA where you can benefit from lower fees as a result of the greater negotiating volume of the association. It goes without saying that shipping associations enjoy lower fees due to the aggregate volumes that they can ship and let’s face it, you will have access to better customer service too! At USSA we have found that those who are not members of our shipper association often find themselves paying between 15% and 20% more than members!

Of course it’s not just our shipping volumes that can guarantee you reduced shipping costs. We’re also able to provide you with ample industry knowledge and advice that can help you to make wise decisions regarding your shipment, and this can result in additional savings. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and always keep ahead of latest shipping trends and ways to save. We can also save you money with our specially designed and developed contract management system. Forget about lengthy phone calls and time wasted on chasing up information. Now you can use our GTNEXUS system to receive contract rates and shipment date on time and in detail.

If you are an individual with low volume in a trade lane, you can cut back on shipping costs by becoming a member of the USSA shipper association as our greater volumes allow you to ship small consignments at the same low fees as those shipping large consignments.

In short, how can you reduce shipping costs? Simply become a member of USSA shipping association and start reaping the rewards today!

Become a Member of USSA Shipping Association and Save on Shipping Costs

It’s time to reduce shipping costs and get your business running smoothly and cost-effectively. Of course the USSA shipping association is not just open to anyone. We maintain exclusivity by ensuring that each of our members are suitable candidates. You must meet with certain requirements in order to become a member. If you would like to discuss the potential of becoming a USSA member or learn more about how shipping associations can help you to save on shipping costs, simply contact us via email or telephone at USSA today.


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