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What a freight transport association such as USSA can do for you

If you run a business and you aren’t sure why so many companies, big and small, subscribe to a freight transport association, we’d love to tell you! First and foremost, at USSA we consider ourselves market leaders in the shipping industry, and so do our valued members! This is because we have over 25 years of experience and have a reputation of securing highly beneficial contracts for our clients, while also saving them time, money and frustration.

Here’s what a freight transport association such as ours can do for you:

  • Provide you with access to state of the art electronic contract management technology that streamlines all of your shipping contracts and processes.
  • Keep you informed of global ocean freight rate trends and ensure that you get a good rate due to combined member shipping volumes.
  • Negotiate better rates with all service providers involved in the shipping of your consignment. Being a member of our freight transport association can save you between 15% and 20%.
  • Ensure that any contract risk is minimised as it’s shared with other members.
  • Provide you with industry knowledge and expertise that optimises logistic for your consignment.
  • Provide you with low volume trade lane support which means that you can transport small consignments and benefit from lower freight fees earned by the greater membership volumes shipped.

Of course there are many more benefits to being a member of our association.

Join USSA – the freight transport association of choice

Taking advantage of the benefits that we have to offer will require you to be an authorised member of our shipping association. Simply view our requirements to become a member and make application so that one of our consultants can get in contact with you. Alternatively, contact us via email or telephone for more information and advice at USSA today.


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