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How much do you pay for your freight shipping? Is it cost-effective or are high rates and service fees crippling your business and cash flow? What your freight is costing you can make or break your company. While ocean freight has experienced great reduced rates this year, it’s always in your best interests to seek out the lowest possible rate from service providers. Getting a freight shipping quote that’s in-line with your budget and good for your business is essential if you are transporting goods over long distances by ocean freight. It goes without saying that you will be looking for a freight shipping quote that’s cost-effective, but the risk involved is also of vital importance. When taking on a shipment quote, be aware that you will be responsible for the safety of the goods until they reach their destination which means that the quote needs to include more than just a low freight rate. It needs to cater to insurance too.

Being a member of a shipping association entitles you to a lower freight rate than a non-member simply due to the combined volume of shipments of all the members. This alone will ensure that your freight shipping rate is kept to a minimum. It also means that you share the risk with other members, bringing potential costs and expenses down exponentially.

How do we get the best freight shipping quote for you?

  • We offer many contract options for you to choose from.
  • We have a wide variety of negotiating skills.
  • We have long term and mutually beneficial relationships with leading carriers.

Of course to benefit from great freight shipping quotes you will need to be a member of our shipping associate. The requirements of our members can be found here.

Members of USSA receive low freight shipping quotes

If you would like to streamline your business shipping processes, take the time to consider joining USSA, one of the industry’s leading shipping associations. For more information, advice and support with your shipments, contact us via email or telephone at USSA today.


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