Trends That Are Changing the Face of Ocean Shipping Management

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The sweeping changes of 2016 are predicted to affect the ocean shipping freight management industry into 2017 and beyond. To survive – even thrive – in the face of these breakthroughs shipping services and logistics providers must stay abreast of the trends that are changing the face of ocean shipping management.


The high cost and low reliability of labor have created a discrepancy between what customers are demanding and what can be achieved. Using robotic technology to do the tedious and time-consuming tasks of loading and unloading cargo reduces this.


Compliance may not be new, but there are new and changing regulations around logistics management. The focus areas of the changing regulations are aimed at the reduction of the carbon footprint and avoidance of accidents caused by overloading.

Data Analysis

The goal of all ocean shipping companies is keen operational efficiency and superior customer service. Using digital means to record and analyze data makes it easy to integrate the insights with customer systems and third party logistics.


IOT – Internet of Things – impacts freight management with machine-to-machine technology such as sensor technology and RIFD tagging automation in warehouses and distribution centers, and delivery of goods by drones and autonomous vehicles.

Network Agility

Logistics management is expanding with increasing reliance on third-party networks and local shipping services for overnight pickups and same day deliveries of cargo. They are now also using smart pricing strategies and affordable cost models as a response to the sudden increase in shipping demands and eroding markets.


The outsourcing of vital business operations has forever changed the way logistics management is done. From the implementation of automation and electronic contract management to transportation and analysis of big data, outsourcing offers increased efficiency and is cost-effective.


Logistic management is going green by conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint.

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