How contract management technology is transforming international freight shipping

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Contract management technology is helping to transform ocean freight shipping and in turn, it makes ocean shipping more reliable and eliminates any misunderstandings along the way. To find out more, keep reading.

Here is how contract management technology is benefiting ocean shipping:

  • Quoting – Proper rate and contract management technology ensure freight rates are always up to date and accurate. Now, there is no need to fill books with confusing calculations.
  • Rates – An online platform ensures your rates are correct and frequently updated for clients to see. It enables consistency and confidence as your entire company is working on the same rate information.
  • Accessibility – Online platforms, even mobile apps, make easy work of accessibility of rates and service factors by anyone in the organization anywhere around the globe.
  • Time – Having an online platform that keeps your rates updated and that reflects all the latest surcharges and fees will save you and your company a huge amount of time.
  • Quote Faster – Implementing technology with the ability to quickly quote complex shipments is the key to winning more bids while protecting profit margins and growing revenue.
  • Routing – It will be much easier to identify transit time, free time, and sailing schedules with technology – it enables forwarders to determine the optimal routing.
  • Information – A platform that displays the information (such as delays and downtimes) assists in distributing it to clients and members – putting everyone in the picture.
  • Other tools – Administrative tasks (like tariff filing and responding) can be automated using technology and will improve business.

Keeping freight rates up to date at USSA 

 USSA uses top-quality technology to ensure our members can view freight rates online. We also provide them with over 18 contracts to use when needed most. We provide up to date information about the global impact of ocean shipping and what to look out for.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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