What the HLAG & UASC merger means for ocean shipping companies

By ussa-login on Monday, October 24, 2016 - Blog

When carriers merge, it gives them stronger and more dominant control over the overall ocean freight economy. Hapag-Lloyd AG and United Arab Shipping Company. UASC have agreed to merge, which will make the combined entity, operating under the Hapag-Lloyd banner, the world’s fifth largest ocean carrier.

When the two companies merge, they will have a total of 237 ships as well as a total transport capacity of around 1.6 million TEU and a yearly transport volume of 10 million TEU.

There will also be a wide variety of benefits resulting from these two companies merging, including having a global as well as diversified trade portfolio with top class product offerings in East-West and North-South trading posts. The new merged carrier will also commit to strengthening their operations by opening a fifth Hapag-Lloyd Regional Center in Dubai.

Upon completion of the merger, Hapag-Lloyd will continue to offer its well-known fast and reliable global services for containerized, hazardous, reefer, and out-of-gauge cargoes.


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