Should Your Company Invest in Ocean Freight Auditing?

By ussa-login on Monday, September 26, 2016 - Blog

USSA, a leader in ocean freight management, understands that there are multiple components to consider in managing the transportation of your cargo. Whether you ship vast quantities of product or less-than-truckload shipments, it is inevitable that you will receive several freight invoices along the way. You may need a tool and mechanism to manage all of the payments and track the paperwork. We believe in giving our clients a holistic advice to enable the maximum benefit from their expenditure. Here are the benefits of investing in ocean freight auditing.

Electronic contract management and consistent audits directly enable you to choose the best transportation strategy through the following:

  • Ruling out over billing
  • Selecting the most efficient carriers
  • Gaining strength in future rate negotiations

When you are able to evaluate invoices received from carriers, ocean freight auditing focuses on identifying the charges that were applied to a shipment and how they impact profit margins. Modern software capabilities save time and money on manual tracking and extend to the following:

  • Contract registration implementation
  • Cost calculation and comparisons
  • Issue identification, tracking and resolution
  • Invoice reception, registration and audit
  • Automatic cost allocation according to accounting standards
  • Automatic posting of invoices
  • Transport order booking and payment management
  • Audit evaluation and key ratio tracking

In today’s world cost saving and protecting your bottom line are important. The availability of ocean freight rates online is important for ease of access. More importantly, identifying inefficiencies as fast as possible could save your business a significant amount of money, especially when recovery time frames are limited. Implementing a consistent auditing system leads to better cost management and bigger profits.

USSA prides itself on providing its members with support throughout the ocean freight chain. With more than 25 years industry experience you can be rest assured your cargo is in good hands. Contact us today for membership inquiries. For more information on freight auditing tools, click here. USSA outlines the benefits of investing in ocean freight auditing.

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